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A Fun Week on Camp at Pirbright

"This year, 2211 (Bracknell) Sqn saw 4 cadets head off to Army Training Centre Pirbright for a week-long summer camp. Three of the four cadets that went this year had been previously, while Sgt Fuller experienced something new. The main attraction of Pirbright camp is the wide variety of activities that take place through the week.


The week started with a greens phase in which we spent two days learning lots of useful fieldcraft skills to prepare us for the night exercise on Monday. The skills included: patrolling, range cards, gilly suits, camouflage and concealment, observation points and shelter. The night exercise was nerve-wracking, tactical and exciting; hiding from potential enemies (the staff), moving your flight quickly to safety and completing the task effectively were all key in succeeding!


Tuesday saw the start of the individual flight activities. One day would be designated to sports (archery and swimming with a sports competition in the evening), another to museum visits in London with drill as the evening activity and finally, the assault course and leadership skills with a spot of bowling after dinner.


Inter-flight/squadron rivalry drew to a close on Friday with the drill competition, which was fun as we got to see the hard work and preparation everyone had put in throughout the week. Awards were later handed out to the winning flight, the best NCO and the best cadet, before the staff rewarded everyone with a delicious barbecue!


It’s safe to say that everyone had an awesome time and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in fieldcraft, drill or sports! Or if you just want an all-round good time! "

Cpl Tegan Johnston-Brunn, August 2015

All At Sea in SW England

"On the first night, we started our journey on the yacht from Cornwall & travelled to Cawsand Bay where we stayed for the night. The next day we set off through thick fog & rain to Devon - not an easy way to get used to boat life as many people were sea sick from rough waves! Nevertheless, our teamwork got us through. After this experience, the next few days seemed so easy which meant we had fun chilling getting  to know each other.


From this trip, I have made such a lovely group of friends and this is all from just a week! I have developed so many life skills such as navigating, leadership & teamwork. However I feel my confidence is the main thing which has improved as being on a boat of total strangers & being tasked to be in charge of eight other lives when steering/captain was so empowering.


I would recommend this trip to everyone as there's activities (swimming, lifesaving practice, learning how to be competent crew etc) and skills for each to experience. Thank you to the staff for giving up a week of their summer to give us this incredible opportunity. "

Cpl Emily Hughes, July 2015

Half Term Helicopters at Middle Wallop

" I was very excited to find out that the Apaches were based with the Army Air Corps at Middle Wallop in Hampshire, as I knew that they were a big part of the war in Afghanistan.


Firstly, we were taken into a room that contained the Apache flight simulators. The Army talked about what the simulators were used for and how they worked. Within 15 minutes, we got to take control of the simulators. Woking as a pair was fun, as one person would shoot and the other would fly. Needless to say that there were several crashes – lucky it was only a simulator.


After this, we walked around a hanger which contained 4 Apaches.  We got a full tour of one of them and even got to sit in the cockpit.


The best part of the whole was flying in a Squirrel, which is a helicopter. I was lucky enough to sit in the front of the Squirrel when we went up. The view was lovely as we saw Bournemouth and flew over the New Forest. Overall it was an amazing day, - if I had the chance to do the whole day all over again I 100% would!"

Cadet Brittany Myburgh, April 2015.

Cadets Enjoy Alpine Adventure!

"On Friday 13th February 2015, myself and Cdt Nicola Lammin went on the Alpine Adventure Skiing trip with the South West Region Air Cadets. We set of at 11pm on Friday evening and arrived in Bavaria, Germany at 5pm on the Saturday - we set straight off to skiing the next day! Overall on the trip, we did 6 full days of skiing, swimming, shooting, quiz night and a gala evening. It was quite hard work and demanded a lot of perseverance and determination but I really enjoyed it. I met lots of new people and learned to ski for the first time. I had a fantastic time and learnt lots of new skills across the week. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone!"

Cadet Jonathan Coghill, March 2015.

Six Cadets Pass First Class Training

A huge congratulations to those cadets who have passed First Class - this first level of training covers the basics in the ATC History, Drill, Radio Communications, History of Flight, Airmanship, Map Reading, the RAF, Initial Expedition Training and First Aid. Now that this classification has been achieved, there is no stopping these cadets as they look forward to going on summer camps and more!

From Left to Right: Cdt George Turton, Cdt Bailey Stewart, Cdt Taylor Powell, Cdt Alexander O'Brien, Cdt Patrick Skidmore and Cdt Alexander Thomson


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